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The DAF LF Euro 6 series stand for a full range of efficient distribution trucks. Their development was fully driven by delivering maximum efficiency for the operator and the highest ease of use for  the driver. Consequently, the DAF LF Euro 6 sets the benchmark in terms of payload, fuel efficiency and uptime. At the same time, also its practicality is unequaled.

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The DAF LF Euro 6 is well thought trough in every detail. It is completely fit for distribution work. For every distribution task in the 7.5 to 19 tons class there is a tailor-made LF solution. Whichever you prefer, it offers class leading payload as a result of low kerb weights. That support efficiency, as does the range of modern four and six cylinder PACCAR engines with outputs from 112 kW/152 hp to 239 kW/325 hp. Powerful, reliable, fuel efficient, clean. Service intervals of up to 60,000 kilometer maximize uptime.

The design gives the DAF LF Euro 6 a great look. The interior with dashboard with Integrated Driver Performance Assistant is the best working environment for the driver. The chassis is completely flat and for highest bodybuilder friendliness.

Whether you choose for a rigid or a tractor, whether you opt for the day cab, the extended cab or the sleeper cab – there is always a perfect LF for your distribution needs.

Excellent performance

Excellent performance

The high rates of satisfaction amongst LF customers are the best possible evidence of quality. Everyone who drives the LF is convinced immediately. DAF builds trucks so they can perform day after day, under the most demanding circumstances. A custom solution for every application is available. Whether your LF is used in construction, refrigeration, frozen transport or for urban distribution, it’s a top performer.


The special Silent version opens up further transport options in urban environments. By implementing a range of smart technologies including special engine software, the noise in 'Silent mode' is restricted to a maximum of 72 dB(A). This makes the vehicle ideal for loading and unloading in areas where evening, night-time or early morning noise restrictions apply. The LF Silent is available as a 7.5-tonne rigid with the 4.5-litre PACCAR PX-5 engine, delivering 112 kW/152 hp.

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Especially for temperature-controlled transport, the PACCAR PX-5 engine - like the PX-7 - is now also available with a generator option mounted directly on the engine. The fixed mounting ensures reliable operation of the water or air-cooled ‘Frigoblock’ generator. This construction significantly extends the service life of the V-belts which means maximum reliability and savings on costs and maintenance. In addition, the generator for the drive of the refrigeration unit is easy to mount for maximum efficiency.


Whether an enclosed box or curtainsided body, a flatbed, a tipper or more specialist body to transport, for instance, a lightweight digger, the LF is exceptionally well suited for all of these applications. Whereas the 19-tonne LF Construction has been specially designed for applications involving regular off-road driving. It is recognisable by its matte black grille, high bumper and robust protective plate in front of the radiator. The high front bumper allows for an approach angle of almost 25 degrees and the ground clearance is 32 centimetres. Sturdy, powerful and versatile.

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