In order to ensure continued energy conservation at Leyland Trucks an Energy Management Team was set up in 1994. The main objectives of this team are to ensure energy is used efficiently, energy waste is minimised and that the best energy conservation practices are used. These objectives have the ultimate aim of protecting the environment by ensuring the minimum amount of energy is supplied to the site.

Energy Efficiency

Through detailed measurement of each utility (electricity, gas, compressed air and water) on a weekly basis, the Energy Management Team gains a detailed picture of Leyland Trucks’ energy needs. From this, the team is able to identify a plan of technical improvements that can then be applied to reduce the site’s energy usage. Specific examples of energy saving measures already implemented by the team include:

Energy saving light bulbs used throughout the plant.

Intelligent lighting used in the production facilities that control the amount of lighting needed at different times of the working day and ensuring lighting is not left on at inappropriate times.

All washroom facilities on site use automatic taps and reduced flush toilets to control the amount of water used by these processes.

All loading bay doors are fully automated to reduce heat loss from the plant.

Energy efficiency is an important factor in the selection of new equipment for use within the company.

HVAC control system upgraded to operate systems and control zones only when needed.

Leyland Trucks is also actively investigating the opportunities for sourcing alternative energies such as wind and solar power, biomass and energy from waste.

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